• This game was designed for mobile, some features may be limited on browser/PC.

  • Release date: 22nd February 2017

Hoppy Cow is a never-ending, addicting, and arcade-like game where your objective is to guide a cow from one randomly generated platform to another. Each time you successfully land on a platform, you are awarded 1 point - see how many points you can get! Collect coins and purchase hats in the shop to customise your cow character with cool and fun hats - see if you can collect them all! In Hoppy Cow, there are 3 types of platforms; grass, sand and ice - grass is a normal platform, and nothing too special will happen when you successfully land on it. Sand platforms are dangerous, and the cow will start to sink! If you stay on sand platforms too long, it is game over! Finally, there are ice platforms, which will cause the cow to slip when you land on it, so be careful! There are also coins for you to collect, which will add up over time, allowing you to buy hats from the store - each hat costs 100 coins, and is unique in it's own way.




  • Left mouse button - Menu/button interaction.
  • Left mouse button (hold and release) - Fling cow