• This game was made within 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2022. There may be some bugs and/or issues.

  • Release date: 17th July 2022

Lucky cue is a standard snooker game with 13 balls - the only key difference being the ball you have to pot is randomised! Each turn you have to roll the dice, once rolled, the dice will show which ball needs to be potted, if you pot this ball you can continue your turn and roll again. However, if you pot the incorrect ball, the BOT will gain a point, and it will no longer be your turn.

See if you can beat the bot while potting as few incorrect balls as possible. Challenge yourself further by setting a time limit. Your time will be displayed when you win. Good luck!




  • Left mouse button - menu interaction / lock cue
  • Drag mouse + LMB - apply power to cue
  • Release LMB - take shot
  • Right mouse button - cancel shot
  • ESC - pause / unpause
  • R - restart game